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Market Garden, Berries, Fruit and Herbs 

Farm Stand at Cedar Mill Farmers Market

Farm Stand at Cedar Mill Farmers Market



Nuts About Berries is located on 60 acres in Scholls, Washington County.

The elevation here is approximately 400-450'. We farm about 10 acres with the remaining 50 acres in forest and conservation. There are two creeks running through the farm with reported lamprey eel and salmon in Heaton creek.

We utilize 2 acres for our berries, vegetables and younger fruit trees. The vegetable growing area is divided into 6 similarly sized plots for crop rotation. Most plots accommodate 4' wide beds, 50' or 60' long. We grow intensively, growing 2 to 3 crops in each bed during one growing season.

In the foreground pictured above we have spinach interplanted with bulbing onions. The spinach also shades out some weeds between the onions rows. We hand picked the spinach while the onions were small. Once the spinach was done it was carefully removed to allow the onions to reach their full size by mid to late summer. After we harvested the onions, we planted bok choy, rutabagas and chinese cabbage for the late fall.

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