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Market Garden, Berries, Fruit and Herbs 

Farm Stand at Cedar Mill Farmers Market

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Ordering Instructions

  1. First click on Account to create your own personal account with name, address etc.
  2. Click on Products to browse produce that we currently have on sale. 
  3. Click on Delivery Options to select your pickup location or for home delivery.
  4. Add bags to your order. If no bags are selected we will bring your order in a tote to transfer to your own bags.
  5. Add a tip if you desire.
  6. Add any preferences in the comments section. E.g. size.
  7. You will receive two confirmation emails, an initial email after your order is placed and a final email after your order has been assembled with final weights for items sold by weight.
  8. A fee of 50c for the software package we are using is added to each order (Assembly Charge).
  9. If you are a regular buyer please consider adding a subscription to your account so that we can avoid incurring credit card fees.


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